Outfit ideas for traveling

When we travel we need every possible comfort so that the long hours inside a plane/train/car/bus can be bearable. I’ve seen many people posting photos in airports wearing high heels and tight clothes, but let’s agree that it isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear in a trip. In short trips I can wear ballerinas and flats without problems. But in long hours flights the ideal for me is wearing a good pair of sneakers and pants.

In today’s article I gathered comfortable and cool outfits to inspire you when it’s time to travel.

airport looks 1

Brazilian blogger Thassia Naves is always out and about in airports and her outfits are stylish and comfortable. Take notes on the key points: pants, t-shirt and jacket. A tip here is not travelling with a leather jacket, it’s not always comfortable and can make you feel really uncomfortable.airport looks 2More outfit ideas from the beauties Alexa Chung, Kristin Cavallari and Amal Alamuddin: Alexa’s boots and blazer, Kristin’s maxi cardigan and Amal’s basic and timeless look (read jeans + white t-shirt).

Pics: Pinterest

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