Film review: “The True Cost”

the true cost

The True Cost is a documentary that talks about the Fast Fashion culture and its impact on the world. Directed by Andrew Morgan, it explores the struggle of activists and industry workers for better working conditions, as well as the impact on agriculture, which is also part of the chain production of clothes. It travels around the world and shows the poor working conditions in factories – especially in Bangladesh – and the problem of cotton production, which pollutes the environment with the immense amount of dumped pesticides on crops and cause inumerous diseases in people who handle these substances.

It is a film that makes us think about what we consume and how far this crazy consumerism will lead the world. A very strong scene for me was when it was shown the coverage of American news of Black Friday, where people entered madly in stores like the world would and and all the clothes would go away. It reminded me of the Forever 21’s opening at the Village Mall in Rio, which line extended to the outside of the mall and people took about 4 hours to buy something. And for what?

I was devastated when I finished watching the doc, it’s a very big reality check for me and also for many people. How can people be so insensitive in this world? How can the owners of the major brands of fast fashion can lay down at night and sleep? I just can’t understand that.

On the other hand I was relieved to know that there are people who fight for workers’ rights in the factories and for a fairer fashion production, such as #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign created by the Fashion Revolution movement.

I think everyone should watch The True Cost (avaiable on Netflix!) to reconsider their own actions, not only about consuming goods but also in relation to other people. And I leave question for you:

Why buy an outfit that you will wear once and discard later?


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