Trending: metallic!

Here I am, posting in English again after a period of lazyness. Sorry about that guys!

Metallic materials are all over fashion collections this year, appearing in shoes and clothes. It’s cool and fresh and you can wear it during the day as well as at night. Today I gathered some tips for you to get inspired by the trend!


Metallic shoes are a big trend, specially the platform oxford and male-inspired shoes. You can easily match them with basic colors like denim, grey, black, white, nude, etc. It gives a cool touch to your outfit.

sapatos metalizados

Metallic scarpins are also trending, and are a good option to wear with a denim outfit.

scarpin metalizado


People think metallic and shimmering clothes are for night outs only, but if you keep the balance you can wear them during the day as well. For example, try to match a metallic skirt with a basic shirt and voilà, here’s your casual chic look.

saia metalizada

So, what do you think of the trend? Are you ready for it? Tell me!

XO, Helena.

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