New section on the blog: Architecture! Today: Office ideas

Monday’s article was the review of the film Kingsman: Secret Service, and I noticed – as I always do – the beautiful Art Direction. What caught my attention was the office of the character Harry Hart (Colin Firth), who decorated the walls with newspaper headlines – and the result was very interesting!

escritório kingsman

He says in the film that the covers of newspapers are the days when he was working in secret missions.

kingsman office harry

Then I had the idea of making a new section here on the blog with the help of my father, who is an architect, focused on architecture and decoration! And today we’ll start talking about offices.


The first thing we have to think about when setting up an office is its available space: if it is small or large, what’s the essential size for your needs, etc. It is also important to think about mobility inside the place and if you and your client can move around, if it is not too tight.

escritórios 1


The light also influences the space. Nowadays, the natural light is trending, by being environmentally friendly and giving a more comfortable mood to the places. Therefore, one should pay attention to which side is the window. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, if the window is facing north = sun all day = heat = a lot of money spent on air conditioning. In this case it is good to protect it from sunlight with curtains.



Choosing the right colour for the right place is essential. Lighter colours increase the size of the space, and the dark ones decreases it. Currently, the most used colors are the neutrals: coffee, gray, sand, and also wood paneling. You can also paint a wall with different colours from the rest, according to your clients or office – it’s pretty cool. Tip: bright colors bring positive energy!

escritórios 2

The placement of your desk is very important. When the client enters the office, the ideal is that he sees you first thing. If there’s a window with a beautiful view, you should place your desk in front of it. If it’s not possible, you can put behind it a neutral panel with pictures, charts, or books which refer to the subject of the office. Now, if the table is placed beside the window, you should pay attention if you’re right or left handed. The light has to come from the other side or else you’ll block it – and then your desk will be dark.

Retro objects and stylized chairs are fashionable, but be careful to not over decorate your office. Tip: for small spaces, prefer glass desks to give the feeling of a larger space.

Everything is possible when it is done harmonizing: Color + light + objects.

Finally, always keep this in mind: a well-organized and comfortable office transmits confidence, which is essential!