Following trends

Let’s talk about trends? Each season we see lots of trends that come and go. They’re so many that we sometimes get lost and don’t know what to follow or not. Many people want to be in and wear clothes which don’t match their style and pieces with which they don’t feel comfortable at all. But how do we know which trend to follow?

The point is: you have to know which trend matches your own personal style, if you like what’s in and if you feel comfortable wearing the piece. If you don’t, it’s simple: don’t wear it! For example, military green is a great trend this season. I may think some looks are cool, but I don’t think it doesn’t suit my style. So I won’t follow it.

militarismoThere are also situations where you think a trend is awful, but after you get used to it and end up enjoying it. This happened to me with the mix of patterns trend. When I started seeing “it girls” wearing tops and skirts or pants from different patterns, I thought: ew! But then I’ve got used to it and now I really admire who can wear it without looking like a clown and want to try it too.

mix de estampasThat’s it! You have to think over your own style to know which trends to follow and which to leave behind. It’s not worth it to wear something you don’t feel good wearing just because it’s a trend – you can bet that it won’t turn out well. In this situation, taste, style and comfort are the key words for you to know which trends to follow.

Did you like these tips? Do you usually follow all the trends or you really think about which to wear? Leave a comment! 😉

Pictures: Pinterest