Printed pants: an addiction

I’m in a ‘pants’ moment, and the ones that I’m loving the most are the printed ones, mainly the loose ones, pajama-like. Today I brought some inspirations for you to see how the printed pants fit perfectly and are super stylish!

calça estampada olivia palermo

Olivia Palermo is my favorite fashion icon, and I love these three outfits. The stripes combo is a great option if you want to wear mixed prints but you’re still not totally confident about it.

calça estampada blusa lisa

Printed pants with plain top: you can’t go wrong! It’s the style I wear most, mainly with black or white top. But you can also match the pants with a colored top, like the light pink shirt with the leopard printed pants in the first pic.

mix de estampas calça estampada

Print + print: one of the biggest hits of today’s fashion, the mix of prints is pure style. Matching stripes with floral prints is always a good choice, the tip here is to find a color in both pieces and go for it! The two piece set are also trending, and they’re the cool touch.

My last purchase were these beautiful and comfortable printed pants – and I’m not getting any tired of wearing it.