Night look: black and copper makeup look

I went to a graduation party from one of my best friends in June but I’ve lost my memory card with the outfit and makeup pics. Then, this week, I found them. Yay! My sister-in-law was the one who made my makeup look, and I’ve loved it. Check it out:


The makeup look was simple: black smokey eyes with a copper pigment. A little bit of brown on the crease and fake lashes!


The copper tone is the Copper Sparkle pigment from MAC – and I can’t wait to use it again.

And that’s the complete look:


Hope you liked the inspiration!

XO, Helena.

Printed pants: an addiction

I’m in a ‘pants’ moment, and the ones that I’m loving the most are the printed ones, mainly the loose ones, pajama-like. Today I brought some inspirations for you to see how the printed pants fit perfectly and are super stylish!

calça estampada olivia palermo

Olivia Palermo is my favorite fashion icon, and I love these three outfits. The stripes combo is a great option if you want to wear mixed prints but you’re still not totally confident about it.

calça estampada blusa lisa

Printed pants with plain top: you can’t go wrong! It’s the style I wear most, mainly with black or white top. But you can also match the pants with a colored top, like the light pink shirt with the leopard printed pants in the first pic.

mix de estampas calça estampada

Print + print: one of the biggest hits of today’s fashion, the mix of prints is pure style. Matching stripes with floral prints is always a good choice, the tip here is to find a color in both pieces and go for it! The two piece set are also trending, and they’re the cool touch.

My last purchase were these beautiful and comfortable printed pants – and I’m not getting any tired of wearing it.

Outfit ideas for traveling

When we travel we need every possible comfort so that the long hours inside a plane/train/car/bus can be bearable. I’ve seen many people posting photos in airports wearing high heels and tight clothes, but let’s agree that it isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear in a trip. In short trips I can wear ballerinas and flats without problems. But in long hours flights the ideal for me is wearing a good pair of sneakers and pants.

In today’s article I gathered comfortable and cool outfits to inspire you when it’s time to travel.

airport looks 1

Brazilian blogger Thassia Naves is always out and about in airports and her outfits are stylish and comfortable. Take notes on the key points: pants, t-shirt and jacket. A tip here is not travelling with a leather jacket, it’s not always comfortable and can make you feel really uncomfortable.airport looks 2More outfit ideas from the beauties Alexa Chung, Kristin Cavallari and Amal Alamuddin: Alexa’s boots and blazer, Kristin’s maxi cardigan and Amal’s basic and timeless look (read jeans + white t-shirt).

Pics: Pinterest