Film review: Inside Out

Divertida-MenteLast Saturday I was invited by the Plaza Shopping Niterói to watch Inside Out, Disney Pixar’s latest production. I love their films, so I was expecting something really good – and it was.

The story is about the emotions Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger, that live inside Riley’s mind. After a change in the girl’s life, Joy and Sadness are expelled from the Headquarters, and try their best to go back and fix the mess that Riley’s mind is in the moment.

Despite the fact that this is a film intended for children, it also pleases older audiences. Besides the fun, there are also sad and thoughful moments about childhood, feelings and maturity. What really impressed me was the creative and well written script, that made us feel different emotions throughout the sequences. Also, the characters are cute and well developed: each of them has a specific colour and its own personality.

To me Inside Out is one of the best Pixar films of all time. It’s in my list of best Pixar animations, together with Up and Ratatuille. Amazing and captivating.

Film review: The Maze Runner

maze runner

In the same vibe of The Hunger Games and Divergent, The Maze Runner is another film adapted from a science-fiction/adventure bestseller. I say that it’s in the same vibe, because in all of them a group of teenagers has to perform difficult tasks to save themselves in a devastated world. In this case, Thomas is left in a community of boys, without his memory. After he finds out that they’re in a huge maze full of dangers, he joins forces with his peers to escape and discover why they’re trapped there. The main character is played by Dylan O’Brien – I’ve never seen him before, but I liked him. I just know one actor of the whole cast – Thomas Brodie Sangster, who played Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones. Despite the “unknown” cast, they’re a cohesive group, that work well together. The action sequences are really tense and well directed, with great special effects. For those who enjoy the genre, it’s a film that entertains the audience, and there’s a sequel coming in 2015.