Slip dress + t-shirt: the 90s are back!

The 90s are definetely back in Fashion, as we can see with all the trends from the decade that are here now. One of these trends is the slip dress worn over a t-shirt.

The slip dress has been back on the last fashion weeks, and someone had the brilliant idea to wear a t-shirt under it, just as Cher from Clueless did with a top.


And, as simple as that white t-shirt, the trend has become a success.

Black & white


Black and white are the most classical combination of colours, so you can wear them to have the perfect 90s look.

A touch of colour


Because in Fashion we can do whatever we want, you can also use colours in your slip dress + t-shirt outfit.  It’s a nice contrast to wear a night dress with the white t-shirt, specially if you wear them with white sneakers. What’s better than comfort & style?

Tell me what you think of this trend in the comments below! I like it a lot, but I didn’t have the courage to try it yet.

Pics: Pinterest and Instagram

90s fever: patches!

Many 90’s trends have travelled around time and are a fever now. One of them is the patch, an embroidered sticker which you can stick wherever you want – specially on clothes. I think that the best thing about the patches is that you can style your clothes the way you want, and make them really exclusive. Check out some ideas:

Patches on denim

patches jeans ideias

More ideas + cute patches

patches 2

So, what do you think of the patch trend? Tell me on the comments below!

XO, Helena.

Trending: metallic!

Here I am, posting in English again after a period of lazyness. Sorry about that guys!

Metallic materials are all over fashion collections this year, appearing in shoes and clothes. It’s cool and fresh and you can wear it during the day as well as at night. Today I gathered some tips for you to get inspired by the trend!


Metallic shoes are a big trend, specially the platform oxford and male-inspired shoes. You can easily match them with basic colors like denim, grey, black, white, nude, etc. It gives a cool touch to your outfit.

sapatos metalizados

Metallic scarpins are also trending, and are a good option to wear with a denim outfit.

scarpin metalizado


People think metallic and shimmering clothes are for night outs only, but if you keep the balance you can wear them during the day as well. For example, try to match a metallic skirt with a basic shirt and voilà, here’s your casual chic look.

saia metalizada

So, what do you think of the trend? Are you ready for it? Tell me!

XO, Helena.

Spring inspiration: floral prints!

floral 6Spring is the season where flowers blossom, and they are always in the season’s collections, inspiring us and bringing femininity to our looks. I love prints, and even more the floral! See some ideas and get inspired:

floral fashionIn runways the flowers are always in Spring/Summer collections. They appear from small to larger sizes, in dark or light backgrounds. These are Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera and Elie Saab’s outfits!

floral celebsCelebs also love flowers. Look at these gorgeous looks from Emma Stone, Selena Gomez, Lupita, Emma Watson and the two fresh gowns that came from this year’s Venice Film Festival: Elizabeth Banks and Amber Heard (+ bonus: Johnny Depp). The dark floral is a great option for those who want feminine looks with attitude!

floral fashionistasThe flowers also took to the streets and are most fashionistas choices. Bet on full flower looks like the ones on top, or match your floral piece with striped or solid pieces such as the ones below.

I think Spring is super inspiring to wear cute floral looks, and you?